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New Release: Homecoming Game by Blake Sebring
Homecoming Game
Homecoming Game
Ebook Paperback

After two years, Lars Preston and Max Curry hoped their controversial past as football players at Indiana Western University was finally behind them. They'd found a new place to play and a fresh start at UC-Camarillo, a smaller school they'd help build into a Division I-AA powerhouse.

But then during the summer before their senior season, IWU's athetic director calls UC-Camarillo asking for help and offering a huge payday. The Sagamores have run into a scheduling problem and suddenly need a fill-in game, and who better to ask than the former heroes who led IWU to a huge upset three years ago?

Despite the doubts of Preston and Curry, the Thunderbolts are flying to the Midwest to play the No. 6-ranked Sagamores on their home field. By revisiting their past, all the ultimate underdogs hope for is a fair chance, but is it for revenge or redemption?

A native of Fort Wayne, Blake Sebring has been on the Fort Wayne Komets' beat for 22 seasons, covering more than 1,000 games, and is one of only four men to cover the team over 60 years for The News-Sentinel. Besides legendary sports editor Bud Gallmeier's 35 years, no one in newspapers has covered the Komets longer. He started working at The News-Sentinel at age 15 and has been living his dream ever since. Homecoming Game is his sixth book and second novel.